Kronen Soehne Watch KS149

Kronen Soehne Watch KS149

About Kronen & Söhne:

Kronen & Söhne(KS) was founded in 1992 by a group of watchmakers. Beginning with a small workshop in a humble alley, over the years, they were praised for their meticulous art and craftsmanship and thus became more and more known.

The name Kronen & Söhne stands for Crowns & Sons in German, which refers to the heir apparent to the throne. It tells a tale of valor because of the introduction of a brand new design concept and composing technology. The goal of Kronen & Söhne is to produce masterpieces that will remain timeless, durable and impeccable for future generations and that is what Söhne(Sons) represents in the brand.

The chief designer is characterized by a strong admi