Reflex Girls Watch REFK0006

Reflex Girls Watch REFK0006
A simple and fun childrens analogue watch by Reflex, this is a no-frills watch that functions to a high capacity, serving any child well for every day use.
This watch is an ideal gift for girls.

Product Features:
* Quartz movement.
* Clearly labelled hour and minute hand.
* Time teacher feature.
* Fabric Hook and Loop Strap.

Strap Measurements:
This watch is fully adjustable.
* Length when fastened at tightest: 15cm.
* Length when fastened at loosest: 17cm.

Also Comes With:
* 1 year manufacturers guarantee. Shop the latest watches for men & women, prestigious high precision timepieces, stainless steel rose gold-tone, 18k solid gold case silver dial watch with black l